Learning objectives
HPV Pathogenesis
Human papillomaviruses (HPV)
HPV infection and disease
Spectrum of HPV disease in cells
Diseases associated with HPV
HPV transmission
Females & Males Having Sex Graph
Cumulative incidence of genital HPV Graph
Cumulative incidence of genital HPV
Concordance among Heterosexual Couples
HPV infection - Epidemiology
Genital HPV infection in Men
Incidence of Genital HPV infection in Men
Clearance of genital HPV infection
Anal HPV infection in Men
Oral HPV infection in Men
Oncogenic HPV Types Associated w/ Cancers
HPV-associated Disease - Epidemiology
Burden of HPV-associated Cancer US
HPV-associated cancers in US
Trends in HPV-associated Cancers Females
Trends in HPV-associated Cancers Males
Genital Warts
Learning check 1.1
Learning check 1.2
Maximizing Efficiency of Nicotine
HPV Vaccines
US HPV Vac. Recommendations
Males HPV Vac. Recommendations
MSM HPV Vac. Recommendations
Immunocompromised HPV Vac. Recommendations
ACOG Indorses Recommendation
Benefits of HPV vaccine for Men
Estimated Vaccination Coverage among Adolescents
HPV Vaccine Impact
Predictors of Vaccine Uptake
HPV Vaccination & Sexual Behavior
Learning Check 2.1
Learning Check 2.2
Should High-Risk Men be Screened?
Infographic HPV Cancer Prevention
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