Natural History and Management
Spread of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer
FIGO Ovarian Cancer Staging
Simplified FIGO Staging
Distribution and Five-Year Survival
Results of Repeat Staging
Results of Complete Surgical Staging
Standard Surgical Staging
Can Comprehensive Staging...
Laparoscopic Removal
LSC Right External Iliac LND
LSC Left Obturator and Hypogastric
LSC Right PAN Dissection
Completed PAN Dissection
Laparoscopic Omentectomy
Staging Laparoscopy Article
NCCN Guidelines for Primary Surgery
Patient with Enlarged Tumor
Surgical Cytoreduction
Theoretical Benefits of Optimal Cytoreductive
Clinical Benefits of Optimal Cytoreductive
Residual Disease
Paper on Primary Cytoreductive Surgery
Residual Disease Graph
Conclusion of Study
Optimal Cytoreduction Rates
Primary Cytoreduction
Primary Cytoreduction
Studies with ≥ 75% Maximal Cytoreduction
Clearing the Pelvis
Upper Abdomnal Disease
Role of Extensive Cytoreductive Procedures
Dissection of Tumor and Peritoneum
Continuation of Dissection Laterally
Right Diaphragm Peritonectomy
Medial Mobilization of Liver
Right Diaphragm Peritonectomy
En bloc Omentectomy & Splenectomy
Splenectomy & Distal Pancreatectomy
Resection of Portion of Left Diaphragm
Liver and Diaphragm Resection
Cholecystectomy and Porta Hepatis Dissection
Survival Adv Ovary Cancer Graph
Complete Gross Resection Rates
Upper Abdominal Surgery Chart
NCCN Guidelines
Postoperative Chemotherapy Early Stage
Postoperative Chemotherapy Adv Stage
Postoperative Chemotherapy Adv Stage
NCCN Guidelines
Current Management of Ovarian Cancer
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