What has changed...
Histopathology Terminology
LAST Recommendations
P16 Biomarker
Indications and Utility of p16 Testing
New Format of Results
New Guidelines for Managing Abnormal Cytology
Why new guidelines?
Guiding Principles
Equal Management for Equal Risk
The Young Patient
Women with ASC-US or LSIL
HSIL in the Young Patient
Co-Testing Dilemmas Graph
Co-Testing Dilemmas
Co-testing Dilemmas
Co-testing Dilemmas: Women LSIL
Disease Surveillance
Follow Up After Colpo Dx of Normal or CIN 1
Management of Women CIN1
Management of Women Biopsy-Confirmed CIN1
Post Treatment Follow UP
ASCUS/ HPV negative
Exiting Screening
Nicotine Affects Mood, Performance
Exiting From Screening
ASCCP Consensus Guildlines Algorithms
Consensus Guildlines Algorithms App
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