Risk of Genetic Problems Vs. Women's Age
ACOG Practice Bulletin
Algorithm for Aneuploidy Detection
Family History Risk Assessment
Screening Vs. Invasive Screening
Screening Test for Patient
Reducing Cervical Cancer Risk
Detection of Aneuploidy
Screening First & Second Trimester
First Trimester: Serum and Ultrasound
Nuchal Translucency
Criteria for Proper Measurement of Nuchal Translucency
List of Anomalities
Clinical Scenario
Nuchal Translucency and CHD
Nuchal Translucency and CHD cont.
Clinical Scenario
Nasal Bone Midface Hypoplasia
Nasal Bone
Nasal Bone cont.
Clinical Scenario
Circulating Cell Free Fetal DNA I
Circulating Cell Free Fetal DNA II
Circulating Cell Free Fetal DNA III
Circulating Cell Free Fetal DNA IV
A New Era in Noninvasive Prenatal Testing
Noninvasive Prenatal Testing for Fetal Aneuploidy
Circulating cell free fetal DNA
Second Trimester: Quad Screen
Screening Ultrasound
Screening Ultrasound
Second Trimester Ultrasound
Clinical Scenario
Screening for Down Syndrome
Clinical Scenario
Clinical Scenario Answer
Ethnicity-Based Genetic Carrier Screening
Carrier Frequencies based on Ethnic Origin
Ethnicity-Based Genetic Carrier Screening
Genetic Screening
Personalized Genomic Testing for Disease Risk
Future of Screening
Thank You
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